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The Kiss & Dream Diamond Collection

Welcome to our Kiss & Dream Diamond Collection.  On these pages are over 5,000 diamonds in every possible shape, size, quality and price. 

It is our philosophy to sell the highest quality Diamonds at the lowest possible prices.

Our diamonds are chosen for their brilliance, sparkle and affordability.  We sell certified diamonds by independent labs including GIA, EGL, IGI, and AGS.

We believe that the diamond selection should always be the choice of the customer, not the jeweler.  Whether the choice is larger or smaller, less expensive or more expensive it doesn’t matter as long as our customer is happy.  We show a variety of diamonds to give our customers a full range of options so that we match the size and quality of your interest along with your budget parameters.

We are very proud of our customer service and truly being helpful to our customers who are buying diamonds.   We do our absolute best to make your diamond purchasing experience both informative and enjoyable - before and after the sale.  

You can reach us by email at or by calling us at the store 585-271-2740 or by clicking the button and scheduling a time convenient for you to meet with us, either in person or on the phone.

Carla & Jim

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