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Nano Rosetta pendant

Medallions can be added
to over time.

Nano Rosetta for petsRemembering
a cherished pet.

Nano Rosetta photo album

Preserving your history
and memories for
generations to come.

I Love You Nano Rosetta

The Torah Nano Rosetta

The Torah NanoRosetta®


“I have seen many unique products over my marketing career but nothing as creative and trend setting as NanoRosetta®!

NanoRosetta®’s  innovative technology creates emotional connections with consumers. This product will create a new industry and set the tone for generations to come!”

Marvin Deitz – Chief Marketing  Officer at BlueTie 
and Adjunct Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology.


NanoRosetta® will preserve your
memories, legacy, family, sentiments
and photos in a ‘wearable’ medallion
that will last 10,000 years.


Thank you for visiting.  We are delighted to introduce to you and the World, for the very first time, an amazing Rochester, NY invention.  It’s called NanoRosetta® , the blending of beautiful jewelry with tomorrow’s laser technology. 

Each of us has our life’s story.  NanoRosetta® will preserve your sentiments, memories, photos, certificates - anything really, in a wearable medallion that will be both your personal treasure and your gift to future generations.

In addition to personalized designs our pre-designed medallions include “I Love You Mom”, “I love You Dad” and “I Love You” in 193 languages, the complete works of “William Shakespeare”, the “Irish Blessing”, the” Torah”, the “Bible”, the complete poem “How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways” and many more.  Each medallion has a holographic symbol that changes color in the light.  Pre-designed medallion pricing starts at just $60.

Your medallion can be a pendant, necklace, ring, keychain, cufflinks, money clip and more.  We will laser etch your precious memories on to a human-eye readable medallion that will last for 10,000 years.*

NanoRosetta® can be your personal keepsake or it could be the most unique gift you have ever given.

Nano Rosetta

 A time capsule the size of a dime.

Nano Rosetta

Safeguarding loving memories for eternity.



nanorosetta smartphone appWedding photos that gather the presence of family into one brilliant medallion.  Lockets that celebrate not only grandchildren, but beloved grandparents–generations united into one piece. Retirement gifts that contain a dossier in a dogtag.

All NanoRosetta® creations can be viewed through a magnifier or your companion smartphone app.

We are presenting this cutting-edge technology at an affordable price, because we believe in the power of making memories–and wearing them well.

The complete bible with Nano Rosetta

Irish Prayer on Nano Rosetta

Buy NanoRosetta

Please visit us at the People’s Pottery store or call us at 585-271-2740 or click here and send us a message. And stay tuned as the NanoRosetta® pages will be growing.

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Zoom in to see what's on these dime sized medallions

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